Structure Discovery

      The discovery of structural form (pdf) (bibtex)

      C. Kemp, J. B. Tenenbaum:
      Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
      #cognitive development, #structure discovery, #unsupervised learning

      Discovering structure by learning sparse graphs (pdf) (bibtex)

      B. M. Lake, J. B. Tenenbaum:
      Proceedings of the 32nd Cognitive Science Conference
      #structure discovery, #semantic cognition, #unsupervised learning

      Exploiting compositionality to explore a large space of model structures (pdf) (bibtex)

      R. B. Grosse, R. Salakhutdinov, W. T. Freeman, J. B. Tenenbaum:
      Proceedings of the 28th Conference on Uncertainty in AI (UAI)
      #structure discovery, #unsupervised learning, #bayesian model

      Structure discovery in nonparametric regression through compositional kernel search (pdf) (bibtex)

      D. Duvenaud, J. R. Lloyd, R. B. Grosse, J. B. Tenenbaum, Z. Ghahramani:
      International Conference on Machine Learning
      #structure discovery, #unsupervised learning, #bayesian model

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