Reinforcement Learning

      Smartlocks: Lock Acquisition Scheduling for Self-Aware Synchronization (pdf) (bibtex)

      J. Eastep, D. Wingate, M. D. Santambrogio, A. Agarwal:
      IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing and Communications
      #mutex, #reinforcement learning, #adaptive

      A Bayesian Sampling Approach to Exploration in Reinforcement Learning (pdf) (bibtex)

      J. Asmuth, L. Li, M. L. Littman, A. Nouri and D. Wingate:
      Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
      #bayesian, #sampling, #reinforcement learning

      Compositional policy priors (pdf) (bibtex)

      D. Wingate, C. Diuk, T. O'Donnell, J.B. Tenenbaum, S.J. Gershman:
      MIT CSAIL Technical Report 2013-007
      #reinforcement learning, #grammar induction

      Computational rationality: a converging paradigm for intelligence in brains, minds, and machines (pdf) (bibtex)

      S.J. Gershman, E.J. Horvitz, J.B. Tenenbaum:
      #decision making, #reinforcement learning, #hypothesis sampling

      Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning: Integrating Temporal Abstraction and Intrinsic Motivation (web) (bibtex)

      Tejas D Kulkarni, Karthik Narasimhan, Ardavan Saeedi, Josh Tenenbaum:
      Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS)
      #reinforcement learning, #hierarchical modeling, #deep learning

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