We are pleased to have a job opportunity for a research scientist; mandatory requirements and responsibilities are listed below. If you are interested, please contact Josh Tenenbaum by email with your CV and a brief cover letter.

RESEARCH SCIENTIST, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
(CSAIL), to provide technical and research leadership on research in
probabilistic computing and its applications to artificial intelligence,
machine learning and computational cognitive modeling. Will be responsible
for working with senior faculty to define the probabilistic computing
research agenda, lead the development of open-source probabilistic
programming and predictive database technology, and foster the development
of a research community in probabilistic computing. As the lead on several
research projects, will also write and publish independently; help recruit
and guide research engineers, postdocs and graduate students; supervise
summer interns and undergraduates; and interface with corporate and
government sponsors. Responsibilities will include travel, presentation of
research at academic and other conferences, identifying funding sources and
contributing to the preparation of grants.

Experience: REQUIREMENTS: A PhD in computer science, computation or
computational cognitive science; expertise in the design and implementation
of probabilistic programming languages (ideally including Church),
predictive databases, and stochastic hardware; and expertise leading and
contributing to both academic and commercial software development projects
through the entire software life cycle. Must have experience presenting
research at academic and industry conferences, identifying funding sources
and writing grants, and a strong academic publication record.